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Frayed Needle Releases New Threads for National Upcycling Day

by The Garnette Report

Engineer turned fashion designer, Brian Antonevich, established his upcycled fashion company, Frayed Needle, in 2015. Frayed Needle, an original men’s and women’s fashion brand that’s deeply rooted in repurposing denim, celebrates National Upcycling Day with a number of new threads. Drawn towards an outlet for expressing yourself and helping others feel confident, the unique line includes upcycled jeans, shorts, skirts, and tops. Frayed Needle has been seen on guitarist and vocalist Ryan Cook, who plays for Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, and the American rock band Skid Row; Irish musician Keith Harkin; Southern Rock band Stone Senates lead singer Clint Woolsey; and Tina Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix’s niece; a few people who continue to bring out their inner rock star.

Frayed Needle was born to funk up your closet with pure rock ‘n’ roll. The edgy pieces are all re-threaded and upcycled by Brian’s beloved collections such as Cavalli, Calvin Klein, Versace, and Armani. Today, hand stitching is not a common technique. With large machinery and stacked production lines, this technique seems almost ancient. Frayed Needle’s approach to design is somewhat revitalizing and refreshing. This engineer turned designer knows exactly how to bring unique and intricate stitching to each piece. The beauty about this edgy choice, it results in never seen before products and will never be replicated again. All going under the needle to give them a new story, Frayed Needle is inspired by the rock stars of pop culture: The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz, Neil Young, Chris Cornell, and Rob Zombie.

As Frayed Needle celebrates National Upcycling Day, Brian continues to add his own creativity and craft to make it something new, individual, and edgy. “Frayed Needle came about after my favorite jeans ripped and I made the repair with a hand sewn patch. I was always into rebooting my clothes growing up. Wanting a different look, not intentionally, it’s just how I was,” says Brian. Frayed Needle provides a fresh perspective on modern fashion and continues to make waves in major fashion cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and Nashville.

Recognizing the artistry and creative flair and imagination, Brian didn’t care what others thought when he wanted a different look. “I just did what I wanted to my clothing as it came natural.” Over time, I kept doing this and got really good at it, to the point where people would start asking “Where did you buy those jeans from?” or “How do I get a jacket like yours?” Today, sustainability continues to be the demand in the fashion industry. Adopting ethical ways of manufacturing clothes to reinvent brands with every stitch is what the designer Brian Antonevich has been drawn towards over the years and lives by the philosophy of Rip it, stitch it, put it back together.

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