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A new pair of jeans every day.


These jeans are ALIVE. They will evolve. They will fade. They will soften. They will loosen. They will tear. They may even rip. They will FRAY. That's the beauty in these jeans. If you buy a pair with bright red ink, and you wash them too much, the red may fade to pink. So what? This is what makes these stand out and unique for you.


If that sounds good to you, then buy them. If you are hesitant, then don't. Our customers appreciate the process and desire these one of a kind pieces. If you get it, you'll get it: the more you wear them the more you will love them and the more they become exclusively yours.


So you want to know how to care for your Frayed Needle denim? Here are a few tips:

1. Do not Wash (well, at least don't wash them every time you wear them)

Put your jeans in the washing machine and they are going to fade…fast. Distressed denim is already a bit fragile, so the tumbling is going to tear them more. Hold off washing as long as possible—no less than 10 wears and many more if you can.


2. Spot Clean

Spilled something on your jeans? Get to it as fast as you can. Take a super mild detergent or dishwashing soap (Blue Dawn is great) and a small cloth dampened with cold water. Then dab, dab, dab, (do not rub) until the stain goes away.


 3. Freshen up in the dryer, freezer, or steamer

Are you on day 14 and your jeans are in need of freshening up? There are a few options. For a quick fix, throw them in the dryer on low with a dryer sheet for a just-wash smell—but use caution: dryer sheets can weaken the denim fibers after time. A better option to neutralize odors is to toss them in the freezer. Third way? Invest in a steamer and use it to kill any odor-causing bacteria.


4. If you must wash, make it mild, small, and cold

Your jeans are stiff, people are starting to avoid you, and you can no longer pretend the smell is coming from the dog (do you even have a dog?) If it is finally time to throw your denim in the wash, please use mild soap--less than you think--then turn them inside out and set the machine to cold water, gentle cycle. To soften and prolong the color a bit, add one cup of white vinegar once the machine starts to fill with water. Better yet, hand wash them. Do not scrub or wring them out or you will disturb the natural color and fibers. Always hang to dry. If they dry too stiff, throw them into the dryer for a few minutes to soften.


5. To hang or not to hang.

If you want to hang your jeans, think again. There is a reason the best high-end retailers stack their jeans. Follow their example and fold them, stack them, love them.

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